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Happy Birthday RoomMom

It’s my blog’s birthday today. It kind of snuck up on me, and I have not even gotten her a gift yet.  However, you are all invited to the party. Here is a little peak inside our baby book:

  • June 6, 2012– Our first post.
  • June 12, 2012– A birth announcement e-mailed to all friends, families, and acquaintances.
  • June 14, 2012– We receive notice that we have been allowed to join Pinterest.
  • June 25, 2012– We join Twitter. TheRoomMom’s mom is not so sure about Twitter, but all of her blog friends are doing it, so we feel compelled to join.
  • June 28, 2012– Our Facebook page is created, so any pictures or announcements of our milestones, big or small, can be shared with the world.
  • September 22, 2012, TheRoomMom gets an official domain but because the TheRoomMom’s mom is a first time blogger, she did not get her application in before the blog was born to reserve the name she really wanted, and she is on a waitlist. So, becomes We don’t really like the dashes in the name, but we have our fingers crossed that the domain name we want will not be renewed, and we will move up on the waitlist!
  • September 30, 2012– Our first giveaway.
  • February 28, 2013– We post Carpool Etiquette and have the best day (view-wise).
  • April 29, 2012– We have our first guest post on All Things Upper Elementary.

What is on TheRoomMom’s birthday list? More followers, likes, comments, and shares. So, please help spread the word and happy birthday little blog!

Blogging 101


I hit a mini milestone at TheRoomMom last week. I have written 101 posts. When I started the blog 9 months ago, I had a list of about 20 ideas, so I am a little thrilled that I have put together 101 ideas, and I still have a few more in the hopper. As I look back, there are definitely some posts that resonate better than others.

carpool sign hanging

According to my stats, my most popular post is Carpool Etiquette. I also had my best day view-wise on the day I published the carpool rules. Why? I linked to a hilarious carpool post by HotMessMom, and she shared my link on her Facebook page. Wham! I had over 300 views in an hour. It gave me a small taste of what it would be like to have a Superblog.

american girl diy dessert

My most popular DIY post is the American Girl Buffet. It is also my most popular Pinterest referral. Obviously, I need to make more American Girl accessories. I am not sure Miss Priss can handle it.

Jedi Robe and Lightsaber 3

I was surprised that the Tonka Birthday Party was the most viewed party idea. I was sure it was going to be the Star Wars Sleepover.

Back to School Teacher Emergency Kit Contents

The best teacher gift idea is the Teacher Emergency Kit. This also happens to be my favorite gift idea, and I plan to re-post again every August right before school starts.

Teacher Speak is the highest rated parent/teacher post I have. I guess we all need tips for parent/teacher conferences.

Flotsam and Who's Driving

My most popular book list is the Picture Book post. My favorite book list is the Classic Re-Makes.

breakfast cup close up

It seems Breakfast Cups are the best snack food. I must say readers, you made a good choice there.

Here’s to TheRoomMom!

Christmas Gift Status Report

Key Jabba figure lost head within 24 hours of Santa delivering gift.

Jabba head lost within 24 hours of Santa delivering gift.

December 25

2:30 am: Miss Priss arrives in our room and announces, “It’s Christmas!”

2:32 am: The Room Mom replies, “It won’t be Christmas for 3 more hours.” Miss Priss climbs into bed and repeats that she can’t sleep every 30 minutes until 4:30 am, then falls asleep until 6:40 am.

6:40 am: It is officially Christmas. Santa brings Jabba’s Lego palace with unique Jabba figure to my son, Mr. Star Wars. Santa brings a new American Girl doll with table, chairs, and the beautiful Depression glass birthday set to Miss Priss.

7:40 am: Christmas finished.

1:20 pm: First Christmas casualty– American Girl vase breaks. Tears.

1:30 pm: The Room Mom glues vase back together.

2:00 pm: The Room Mom naps.

american girl broken vase

December 26

11:00 am: Trip to Michael’s Crafts so work on American Girl doll food can begin.

2:00 pm: Mr. Star Wars wants to show his new Jabba Lego figure to the neighbors. This one-of-a-kind figure can only be purchased with the complete palace ($119.99). The Room Mom barely listens as Mr. Star Wars heads out the door because she is so engrossed in American Girl doll food.

3:00 pm: Jabba’s head discovered missing (oxymoron?) somewhere between the neighbor’s front door and our driveway. Assets– It is a big Lego piece. Liabilities– Jabba’s head is brown and green, the exact color of the lawn. Search begins.

4:30 pm: Search for Jabba’s head ends for the day due to lack of light.

7:00 pm: New Darth Vader Lego mini figure discovered missing.

8:00 pm: The Room Mom makes a margarita and tries not to think of the damaged toy sets that were new and perfect mere hours ago.

December 27

9:00 am: Mr. Star Wars continues the search for Jabba’s head. It rained during the night but is now sunny, so we hope Jabba will be easy to spot. Mr. Star Wars wears a new pair of Christmas pants and very carefully searches our yard and the neighbor’s yard on hands and knees in the wet grass.

chewed slide whistle

10:00 am: Dog eats wooden slide whistle Santa left in Miss Priss’ stocking. Work on the Playmobil Future Planet set begins. The Room Mom starts a load of laundry.

10:30 am: Dog chews Future Planet Playmobil man. The Room Mom saves man, but plastic Playmobil goggles lost. Dog’s reaction to the “Drop!” command improving.

Playmobil Future Planet Figure

December 28:

11:28: Kids head outside to ride EZ Rollers. The Room Mom stands at the edge of the driveway and notices a puddle of water sitting in a green plastic cup. Jabba’s head recovered!

Jabba the Hut Lego Head

1:00 pm: All boxes broken down and ready for garbage pick up. The Room Mom considers possible loose toy pieces in garbage pile.

December 29

11:30 am: Damage Assessment

  • One broken vase– repaired
  • One important Lego piece lost– recovered
  • One new pair of pants covered in dirt– laundered
  • One Darth Vader Mini Figure MIA– still unaccounted for
  • One wooden slide whistle eaten– thrown away **bonus** very noisy toy
  • One Playmobil man chewed– saved with minimal bite marks
  • Dog response to “Drop!” command– improving

Overall, minimal casualties and maximum gift enjoyment.

12:30 pm: The Room Mom begins working on a blog post to assure herself that she is not the only one who goes crazy over the missing and damaged tiny pieces of her children’s toys. The children, by the way, bypass the missing and damaged pieces and instantly create other ways to continue playing with the toys.

One Lovely Blog

What a happy surprise!  A fellow blogger, FadedFairyTale, nominated me for a blog award.

7/30/2012 — Another nomination.  Thank you Parentista for the nomination.  I am so appreciative to have bloggers who read and like my posts. I am combining my nomination posts since I don’t have any new insights about myself to add. I did have one new hot blog to share, so I updated my blog nominations. See the list below.

There are some rules that go with the nomination:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link to the site. (see above)
  2. Write seven things about yourself that other bloggers don’t know.
  3. Nominate fifteen other deserving blogs.

Seven things about myself:

  1. Eating Altoids makes me sneeze.
  2. I let my children watch TV, so I can read (mostly juvenile literature).
  3. I recently learned how to make pasta from scratch. And, yes, it is far superior to pasta from the box.
  4. I love spreadsheets, tables, lists, file systems, etc.
  5. My dining room table is overflowing with mail and in-progress projects. My husband wants to know why I insist on having a dining room in any house we own since we never eat at that table. DUH– where else will all my project supplies go?
  6. I love junky Mexican restaurants and margaritas (frozen, no salt).
  7. I let my children eat Fritos, crackers, whatever is in the pantry for breakfast as long as they fix it themselves.

(Almost) 15 blog nominations:

Oh Yes They Did! — Hilarious.  I always laugh when reading this and LOVE this blogger’s writing style.

Nerdy Book Club — Great source for juvenile book ideas.

Popcorntheblog — Tips and inspiration about writing.

Wuppenif — Love reading about life on a farm.

Pretty Baking — Really good cake ideas.

The Joy of Teaching — Good comments about education.

Running in Mommyland — Written by a friend from my 8th grade class about life as a mom and trying to keep up with it all.  This blog semi-inspired me to get my blog going.

Village Connection — Keeps me updated on new and fun things in my neighborhood.

Hot Mess Mom — If you feel down about your parenting skills, read this.

Paper and Cake — Party ideas and printables

I wish I had more, but I am new to the blogging world and am just beginning to explore all of the great posts that are out there. Thank you again FadedFairyTale and Parentista for the nominations.  It made my day(s)!