Teacher Emergency Kit 2012

I cannot believe I am already preparing to go back to school, but I know it is right around the corner. I have been thinking about this little gift for awhile. It is something I would like a parent of one of my students to give me on the first day of school. Once teachers arrive at school, it is almost impossible to leave the building until after the students leave. There are days when you need a little something from CVS and there is no way to get there. I thought my children’s teachers might appreciate this little Teacher Emergency Kit; I know I would.

The Box: I purchased a few bead storage boxes from Michael’s. It has ten slots with removable dividers. I removed a few of the dividers to make one section of the box bigger.

The Contents: I chose the contents based on things I need when I am teaching. Below is the suggested list, but I also considered adding things like Band-aids, a good red pen, hair bands or a clippy, and even a feminine product or two since my children have female teachers this year (but the box was clear, and I thought that might have the potential for an embarrassing situation– although not having that item can create an embarrassing situation too, so you decide).

  • cough drops
  • Advil
  • chocolate
  • Tylenol
  • peppermints
  • soda money (quarters)
  • travel toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Aquaphor (or ChapStick of some kind)
  • emery board
  • travel lotion
  • Sharpie pen (I always need one of these at odd times and never have one in my classroom)

The Labels: I printed a 2″x4″ label for the lid of the box using the Red Cross logo to make it look like an emergency kit. I created a table for the inside of the box and printed it on cardstock. Using a paper cutter, I cut it down to fit the inside lid and attached it with clear tape. I wanted the “map” on the inside to look like one of those lists they have in the big chocolate candy boxes, so you know what kind of chocolate you are eating. Here is a copy of the teacher emergency kit map.

Footnote: I did a little Pinterest research, and (big gasp) I am not the only one with the Teacher Emergency Kit idea. After analyzing my competition, I noticed a few flaws with the other kits’ contents. They often contain colorful paper clips or Starburst candies or things that make the packaging look better, but these items are not that useful. A Starburst is not going to make my breath better after I eat garlic-y hummus for lunch. I don’t need colorful paper clips; I can get a whole box of paper clips in the supply cabinet next to my school’s copy machine. When you fill your emergency kit, think about items that a teacher would not be able to access in a school building and might desperately need.

22 thoughts on “Teacher Emergency Kit 2012

  1. I love this idea! I’m totally going to make a little box for myself because I’m always needing things I can’t go out and get during the school day. I’d definitely include band-aids and some kind of hair things, and another great thing to put in there would be a bottle of 5-Hour Energy! It’s the kind of thing you always need on days when you’re running late and don’t have time to stop and buy some, so it would be great to know you have some waiting at school already. Those little travel sewing kits are also really handy for avoiding wardrobe malfunctions 🙂

  2. I love this idea. I used to have a first aid kit, but I teach high school and it kept getting depleted. I used my coupon goddess status for toiletries, and now I am the Teacher Who Has Tampons, so when I see mystery chicas walk quietly into my room and go through my left desk drawer, I know nobody’s lifting my “DO OVER” stamp.

    I love this because it’s an emergency kit for me. This is going to be everyone’s holiday gift…

    • Thanks for the comment. I taught high school at one point, and it is a whole different world from 4th grade! How nice that you keep supplies in your desk drawer. It is much better than having to figure out how to get a pass down to the nurse’s office.

      • They charge. That’s the last thing someone wants when having an emergency… “Gee, that’ll be a quarter.” Sorry. What made you go to elementary? I taught elementary at my business, but I am not doing so anymore, because I can’t teach all day, all night, and have a 5 year old…I know, I’m not superhuman…

      • I followed a principal from a middle school to a high school. The class load (150+ students) was too much for me. I could not assign decent writing assignments and keep up with the grades. I also missed the literature in 4th through 6th grades and the fun activities that I can do with all of these good books. Upper elementary is my sweet spot! Thanks for following me. I do try to post strategies that work across all grade levels, so you might find something useful (I hope!).

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  9. Dental floss. I spent most of an afternoon trying to find dental floss one day. Definitely needs to be in an emergency kit. 🙂

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