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It is (roughly) the third anniversary of TheRoomMom. When I started writing in June, 2012, I wanted the blog to be a resource for parents (mostly moms) with school aged children. I wanted to share all of the behind-the-scenes information I have as a teacher and as a mom– how to communicate with your child’s teachers successfully, what makes a really good teacher gift, how to handle homework effectively, how to plan and write a research paper– that kind of thing. Well, I am a little crafty; I like organizing parties; I love children’s literature, and I create teacher resources for educators, so I started throwing in group food recipes, party ideas, craft projects, favorite book lists, and lesson ideas for the classroom. TheRoomMom became a repository for all of the experiences I have as a teacher mom of elementary aged children.

Around this time of year, I take a little inventory and think about the future of TheRoomMom empire. What is my dream? Someday, I would love to write a children’s chapter book. All of the experiences I share here are my notes for the unwritten novel. I haven’t figured out my characters or my story, but I know the seed of the book is somewhere in here.

I have other dreams too. They vary, but most of the dreams involve working for myself and having an income I can use for non-essentials like sending my kids to a sleepaway camp similar to the one I attended growing up.

Happy birthday to TheRoomMom and here is to continued growth and good ideas!

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Thanks to Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Teach Create Motivate, Third in Hollywood, and Sparkling in Second Grade for asking the dream question.

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This is a mini post to show off my new social media buttons. Please take a moment to look at the right side bar, admire, and press a button if the mood should strike.

I feel like TheRoomMom just entered a new chapter…

Thank you, Claudia Olivos for designing my new social media buttons– and being really patient with all of my messages and requests.