Mother’s Day Monogrammed Umbrellas

monogrammed umbrellas khaki

I have totally been on a gift kick lately. I have several family member birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Teacher Appreciation in May; all good reasons to hunt around for fun little presents for people. If possible, I try to choose gifts that will work for many individuals, so I can mass produce or buy in bulk.

monogrammed umbrellas folded

I recently had coffee with a friend that I met through my children’s swim team. TheSwimFriend has been borrowing an embroidery machine and monogramming almost anything that will fit under the sewing machine foot. During coffee, she showed me a monogrammed umbrella. I had to have one (or five). After a quick trip to Target for travel sized umbrellas, I dropped off my purchases with TheSwimFriend who kindly monogrammed them for me.

monogrammed umbrella pink

I am hoping USPS has already delivered TheRoomMomMom’s Mother’s Day umbrella, so I am not ruining the surprise. Since I used travel size, my mom can leave the umbrella in her car or stuff it in her purse on a rainy day. I had one made for Mr. Star Wars’ teacher for an end of the year gift because the teachers at school have to walk about two blocks from the parking lot to the school, rain or shine. The umbrella is just the right size for a teacher bag. I have a few more ready for upcoming birthday gifts. My favorite combination is the navy and white polka dot umbrella with the kelly green monogram.

monogrammed umbrella polka dotTheSwimFriend played around with the monogram size and liked 3 1/2″ tall at the center point. The monogram also needs to have stabilizer on the back in order to keep the umbrella material from puckering.

My SwimFriend did this as a favor for me, and I would like to do something nice back. Any suggestions? TheSwimFriend has seen all of my recent gift ideas.

monogrammed umbrellas open

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Monogrammed Umbrellas

  1. Love the blue polka dot!! (Thank you!!) has the SwimFriend commented on any of your gift ideas that might give you a clue as to what she would like? Or maybe it’s just drinks and dinner, your treat? Or some homemade frozen dinners to have on hand, if she’s a busy mom (and wants more time to spend monogramming!)

    • Surprise, Aunt B– your umbrella will be shipped shortly. 🙂 I offered drinks, and we haven’t figured out a day we can both get together. I thought maybe a gift card for Starbucks, which is not that original, but I know she is on a similar Starbucks schedule to mine. The freezable meal is ALWAYS a good choice.

  2. How about a canvas chair for swim meets – you could put “Swim Friend” on the back or her monogram or “Swim Mom” or whatever.

  3. And I’m a big fan of the LandsEnd canvas tote with something cool embroidered on it. “Swim Stuff” “Pool Stuff” “Mom’s Crap – Keep Out”

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