Then I Bought a Group Gift (Day 6)

If I can think of a gift that can be given to an entire family unit, I buy it. I shop for my two sisters (married with kids), my brother (married with kids), and my parents. Last year each family received a mini crock pot with a recipe for my favorite crock pot dip. I love mini things, and these little crock pots are really fun. When my whole extended family was together at Christmas, we got them all out one night and set up a chocolate fondue buffet with everyone’s crock pots. Yum!

I tied a recipe card with the classic Velveeta queso dip recipe on top of everyone’s wrapped crock pot.


  • 1 lb. Velveeta cheese, cut into 1-inch dice
  • 1 can Ro-Tel tomatoes (I like mild)
  • 1/2 to 3/4 lb. browned ground beef


  • Add Velveeta to crock pot with Ro-Tel tomatoes and browned ground beef. Heat until melted, stirring occasionally. Serve with Fritos Scoops or tortilla chips.
  • May need to half the recipe to fit in the mini sized crock pot.

Alternate Idea: See below for the triple crock pot that I saw on the Target website. I think the triple crock pots might be even smaller than the single mini! Maybe somebody will get this for me this year (hint, hint Sewing Sister and Aunt B).

7 thoughts on “Then I Bought a Group Gift (Day 6)

  1. LOL! So, somehow in the thrill of ripping and tearing off the wrapping to get to my fabulous gift last year, I missed the Queso Dip recipe attached to the package! I did not know you had attached a recipe to my gift! How great that you have a blog now and that I can learn these things. I am writing it down now and adding it to the giant file called “The Room Mom’s Dinner Recipes” aka “Appetizers”. Even my kids know that there’s nothing you like better than “Appetizers for Dinner”! That little triple-crock beauty is a great idea – writing it down. But don’t expect me to remember to get it for you unless you remind me again.

  2. Another good family gift I gave recently is a badminton/volleyball net from Target. I think it was only $20. My niece (10) and nephew (7) had back to back birthdays and this was a great way to get everyone outside playing.

  3. What a fun idea. I like to do group gifts for couples and families, too. If my budget’s tight, it’s usually something edible. If I have more money, I like giving charitable donations in my grandparents’ name and creating a “date night” package for my parents (a restaurant gift card and a movie theatre gift card).

  4. Today, I received “The Lovely Blog Award,” and I have the opportunity to pass it on. I love this blog and am grateful to have had the chance both to read it and to have connected with you personally. Here are the rules if you choose to accept: Thank you so much for sharing with me and inspiring me! I love all your ideas, crafts, and inspiration for the classroom–ideas which I steal:) Making those teacher kits for friends at the holidays.

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