Versatile Blogger


Sewing Sister thinks my blog has a split personality since I post tips about how to help children in school and then turn around and share cocktail recipes. I prefer the term Versatile Blogger. Turns out, there is a WordPress award for that. A new follower, Forestmtnhike, nominated me, and I would like to thank her. WordPress awards are fun because it is a way to pay it forward by sharing favorite blogs with followers.

To accept this award and spread the love there are 3 rules to follow:

1) I’m to first thank and link the person who nominated me for the award in my post (see above).

2) Share 7 random facts about myself (see below).

3) Nominate 15 of my favorite versatile bloggers for this award (see further below).

Random Facts about Myself:

  • Altoids make me sneeze.
  • I start planning my family holiday card by the end of September (that is probably not that random if you know how much I enjoy projects).
  • I will put about any topping on my pizza except for olives.
  • I will order any dish on a menu if the side that comes with it is mashed potatoes.
  • I dislike doing anything that makes me sweat.
  • I teach and have to stand in front of people all day, but public speaking in front of other groups makes me nervous, makes my face turn hot and red, and makes me sweat (see previous fact).
  • I read children’s literature almost exclusively. I say it is because I need to know what to recommend to students, but the truth is, I just like it.

Since I recently shared some of my favorite blogs for a WordPress Family nomination, I am listing blogs that give me ideas for new children’s book titles. It might not be very versatile, but they are a great resource for me.

Almost 15 Blogs