Spooky Votives

We have 45 minutes for scary snacks and spooky activities at my daughter’s kindergarten Halloween party next week. I offered to provide the super speedy activity for the kids. This is a Halloween activity I have used before. It does not require a whole lot of precision and works well for nursery school or kindergarten children. What are other short and simple Halloween activities that will work at school parties?


  • One wide-mouthed glass jar for each child in the class, no lid (Mason jelly jars, Beach-Nut baby food jars, or any glass jar)
  • Tissue paper cut into small squares (orange, black, yellow, white…)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Paper plates
  • Paint brushes
  • One tealight candle for each child in the class


  1. Mix Elmer’s glue with a little water on the paper plates.
  2. Children paint a portion of the side of the jar with the diluted glue.
  3. Press pieces of tissue onto the jar and smooth down. If needed, paint a little glue on top of the tissue pieces.
  4. Repeat until the whole jar is covered.
  5. Let dry and place tealight inside jar and light for a spooky votive.


  1. You can use any size glass jar. I really like the Beach-Nut baby food jars, but I did not know any families this year who might be buying baby food on a regular basis and would have a supply of 20+ jars for the class.
  2. If you want these to look more professional, I think you could use Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze to give the jars a more finished look.
  3. Use this activity at Christmas or Valentine’s Day as well. Just change out the tissue paper colors.