Cocoa Kit 2.0

interior cocoa kit

A few weeks ago, I shared a cocoa kit my children and I are giving to the teachers this year. Originally, I included some snickerdoodle cookies along with the cocoa fixings. Well, we ate all of the snickerdoodles before I could finish assembling the boxes, so I made a new batch of cookies this weekend. We used one of my mom’s recipes for Christmas Cookies (yes, that is the name– click for the recipe). They are a rolled cookie. We pulled out all of my mini cookie cutters, so the finished product looks like a little bag of animal crackers. They are perfect for the cocoa kits. I am re-posting the assembly instructions below along with new pictures.

After the events on Friday in Connecticut, I definitely want to let my children’s teachers know they are loved!

The Cocoa Mix: Click here for the Cocoa Mix Recipe I used. I put about two servings of cocoa mix in the plastic bag that went into the box. Alternately, you could simply buy pre-made cocoa mix.

cocoa stirrers with peppermint

The Chocolate Stirrers: I originally saw these candy spoons on Pinterest. I adapted the idea to make cocoa stirrers. Go to the Cocoa Mix Recipe for directions about how to make the chocolate filling for the spoons. After the chocolate is melted, turn the heat off and let cool slightly (5 min?). While the chocolate cools, rest plastic spoons on the handles of wooden spoons (or another kitchen item) to hold the spoons level. Place a gallon Ziploc bag in a large measuring cup and fold the top of the bag over the edges of the measuring cup. Pour chocolate into the Ziploc. Pull the Ziploc bag out of the measuring cup and hold it like a pastry bag. With scissors, snip off a very tiny piece of one corner and fill spoons with the chocolate. Hold your finger like a stopper over the opening of the bag as you move from spoon to spoon. Sprinkle crushed candy canes on the chocolate and let set.

wrapped cocoa stirrer

The Other Contents: I added mini marshmallows and about a dozen of the new little cookies. I have a big selection of holiday mini cookie cutters, and my kids cut out their favorite shapes (Christmas trees, mittens, candy canes, angels, Swedish horse…).

christmas cooki animal crackers

The Packaging: I need to buy stock in Avery labels and clear gift bags. I own almost every size possible. I wrapped the bowl of the candy spoon in a 3×4 inch clear bag and tied with raffia ribbon. I used my trusted clear bead bags for the cocoa mix, cookies, and marshmallows and printed small labels for each item. The boxes are Wilton Treat Boxes I purchased at Michael’s.

christmas cookies and cocoa kit

The Gift Tag: I printed a message and directions for making a mug of cocoa on cardstock and tied it to the top of the box. My kids signed their name at the bottom of the tag.