Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

ribbon bookmark giveaway

One Lucky Winner will receive TWO ribbon bookmarks and journal books plus a $25 Amazon giftcard!

Just in time for Teacher Appreciation Day on May 3, 2016, I am giving away two (2) ribbon bookmarks with coordinating journal books and a $25 Amazon giftcard to one (1) lucky winner! You can keep one journal book set and give one to a teacher friend (or make two teachers, friends, co-workers, neighbors… super happy and give both as gifts). Giveaway ends this Wednesday, April 13 at midnight (EST). Shipping addresses must be within the USA or Canada.

25 amazon gift card

Winner will receive 2 ribbon bookmarks with a matching journal book and $25 to spend at Amazon. See this BLOG POST for more details about the ribbon bookmarks.

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ribbon bookmark with journals

Book Buddies

At one time, I tutored students in high school English. I started making notecards that had lists of key themes, symbols, and character traits. The students would use the notecard like a bookmark and have it with them while reading. The reminders on the card helped guide the students to mark useful quotes. Now that I am back in the classroom, I still make these notecard-bookmarks to help students focus their reading. They can be adapted for so many grade levels. Click Here to purchase Book Buddy templates.

mrs_frisby    year_of_the_boar  mockingbird

Summer Reading: Many students read a book in June but can’t remember the book in August when it is time to go back to school. Fill out a generic card while reading and use the card for review right before returning to school.

mrs. frisby bookmark sample

Elementary Grades: For younger grades, have students note details about the beginning, middle, and end of a story. Students can also list character details and identify the big problem in the story. This is a great way to practice summarizing and keeping things short!

year of the boar bookmark sample

Upper Elementary Grades: As students begin to look for deeper meaning in a story, create a card with the key ideas you want to teach in the novel.

to kill a mockingbird bookmark sample

Middle and High School: At this point, you can provide space on the card for themes, symbols, archetypes and key quotes. Customize the card with any literary details you prefer.

** The cards can be printed with blank space, and the students fill out the information as they read.  Or, depending on the needs of your students, you can create the cards with the key ideas provided.

Favorite Books Bookmark

This is a fun keepsake to help students and teachers remember their class from a specific school year.  It could also be used as a back to school activity to generate a reading list of recommended books for the start of the school year. Teachers survey the students for their favorite book title and author from the year.  This is also a project your class room parent can handle by sending a Group Email to all of the parents asking them to send one of their child’s favorite book names from the year.

Once all of the book titles are collected, create a list of the student names with their book selections in a Word document (landscape orientation, 3 column set-up).  You can also insert a class picture if you have any spare white space.  Your list should not exceed two columns in the Word document.  After printing, cut the lists into two strips and paste them onto 9×4 inch construction paper strips (front and back). Then, run the assembled bookmark through the laminating machine.

laminating bookmarks

Make enough copies for all the students and the teachers!

Teacher Tip: picture book titles appear in quotes, chapter book titles are underlined. Alternately, all titles could appear in italics.

favorite books bookmark in books