The Last Snack

turkey sandwiches for kids

Tomorrow is our last turn at kindergarten snack. I offered to make Miss Priss any snack she desired. What did she pick? Plain turkey sandwiches on white squishy bread (with the crusts cut off). With a big sigh and a heavy heart, I complied. So, here they are. The most basic snack I do, but it is probably the one that Miss Priss likes the best.

That does not mean that you, readers, have to serve plain turkey sandwiches for kid snacks. You can click Party Sandwiches for one of the easiest recipes you will ever follow, but I am also posting links back to old posts with the other super snacks from this year. Are you signed up to bring an item for an end of the year party? Any of the choices below will work!

Dill Dip

Dill Dip, Veggies, and Pretzels

Fruit Dip

apple dip close up

Turkey Wraps

turkey wrap close

Pizza Bread

slice pizza bread

Dirt and Worms

dirt and worms tray

Chex Mix

dinosaur chex mix

4 thoughts on “The Last Snack

  1. My son’s school has all these regulations now. You are only allowed to bring in pre-packaged snacks that are 150 calories or less. It pretty much leaves pretzels and fruit 🙂 I love all your ideas and my youngest would love the simple turkey sandwiches!

    • Oh, that is such a bummer. My daughter’s school is going to something similar next year. I would actually prefer the school provide a graham cracker at snack time than require parents to rotate snack turns if they are going to put all kinds of restrictions on what snacks you can bring. I do have sympathy for the nut allergy, however. Maybe you could make some turkey sandwiches for the your youngest’s lunch box! Thanks for reading.

  2. Roommom, I need your help again! Need to bring a take-home treat for the last day of 2s nursery school. I’m thinking non-edible snack though. Any ideas?
    (I’ve already sent home-made crayons for the birthday treat).

    • How about a cookie cutter with a recipe for homemade playdoh? A bottle of bubbles for each kid? Do you have a class picture? You could print a copy for each family and make some frame type thing with card stock. Let me know what you decide!

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