On the Fifth Day, I Shopped for Man Gifts

And on the fifth day of gift shopping, I had to buy something for my dad. He can be challenging. There are only so many pictures of the grandchildren I can give him. There are a few staple interests that my siblings and I use as fallbacks– college basketball, grilling, and/or golf. When those fail, we pool our resources and buy electronics. I am stumped this year, so I am open to any new suggestions!

Man Gift #1: A few years ago I ordered Nike ID running shoes. You choose the color and design. You can even have lettering put on the back heel (I printed the granddad name our kids use). My dad is a huge Kansas fan. I ordered Kansas Jayhawk crimson and blue. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the real thing to share, but they are a showstopper at games.

Man Gift #2: I think my mom discovered the personalized steak branding iron. My husband and my dad received one of these bad boys. Since I love anything personalized, you know this is one of my favorites. FYI, the branding irons work very well on hot dogs.

As a sidebar to the grilling theme, another fun gift is to organize a guy’s weekend to a BBQ judging certification class. I contacted the wives of my husband’s best buddies, booked hotel rooms in nowhere Alabama, and reserved spots at a BBQ judging class. You can choose between Kansas City or Memphis judging circuits. It did not matter to me, but if you are arranging this gift for a real grill connoisseur, the type of judging certificate will make a difference.

Man Gift #3: My sisters and I have all given needlepoint belts (the ultimate preppy gift) to my dad, brother, and the husbands. My favorite are the hobby belts that are personalized with scenes that represent the giftee’s interests (my husband’s belt had soccer, running, skiing, golf, and Kentucky Derby/horses). These look great on the golf course. I order through The Sign of the Arrow in St. Louis, MO. They will take an order over the phone. This is a gift that involves time and money. If you have not planned for this one by July, save it for a birthday or anniversary. Not only do you have to build in time to needlepoint the belt, you also have to allow time to finish the belt with the leather backing and buckle. Needlepoint finishers really get backed up pre-holidays.

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  1. A collection of post cards from all the significant places they’ve lived,stolen idea, Tickets to a play or concert with their favorite star, A customized playlist, A hand knit hat,customized stationery –remember the architectural drawings note cards.

    • Thanks for following! BloggyMoms confuses me a little. Seems like too much information, and I’m not sure where to click. It’s good to know somebody found me. I wasn’t sure if anybody would! I will wander over to your blog.

    • We have needlepointed belts for years. If you have a local needlepoint store, go look at their belt designs in person. I have always had good luck with Sign of the Arrow. You can mail back to them for finishing too.

  2. There’s a great company called The Belted Cow in Maine that does great ribbon belts, if you don’t have time to needlepoint one! My girls have gotten their dad a few and he likes them a lot. Also… for the guy that likes to work out, Lululemon makes the best men’s Run Swiftly shirts that don’t hold smells and fit really nicely.

  3. I use Tucker Blair for the needle point belts that I buy, since I have started 3 about 20 years ago and never finished them!

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