12 Days of Christmas Gifts

I know; it is a little early for holiday gift ideas. But I am an early shopper, and some of my fab ideas need a little lead time. I decided to post 12 of my best holiday gift ideas over the next month or so– all price ranges. These are gifts that work for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, in-laws, grown-ups, children, and close friends. In return, please share your great gift ideas with me! Every year, I need a new arsenal when shopping for the 20+ people in my extended family.

Gift Idea #1: You will need 6 to 8 weeks for this first gift idea, so plan ahead. Order a unique watercolor portrait. Susan Woodard creates sketch portraits of children, animals, brides and grooms, and homes. Even though she does not paint the features on the faces, it is amazing how she captures people’s personalities in her paintings. I originally found Susan in New Orleans and had her paint a portrait of my two children. Since then, she has painted two 5×7 wedding portraits for a wedding gift for my sister (Aunt B), a sketch portrait of all of the grandchildren for my parents, and a painting of my home in New Orleans when we moved.

What to Do: E-mail Susan a jpg image. The photo must show above the head(s) to below the feet. She prices each piece based on the number of people or subjects. If you include something like a wagon or bike, that usually counts as a subject. You can pay an additional fee for the copyright to your painting and scan the portrait to use on a holiday card or personalized stationery. This is a special gift and is on the high end of my holiday price range.


P.S. Do not forget about the Gift Card Wallet Giveaway! It ends Sunday.

7 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Gifts

    • The paintings are beautiful! If you compare the prices to what you would pay for a pastel or oil painting of your children, Susan is much more reasonable. I think it is also much more unique! Thanks for reading.

    • They definitely work for all kinds of events. I love Susan’s wedding pictures. You can have one done of the wedding couple and another of the bride’s bouquet or the wedding cake to create a little series. I think they are so sweet!

  1. Thanks to the “room mom” we did this last year! We used a picture of our children and gave it as the Christmas gift for my inlaws and it turned out absolutely beautiful!

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